GiveMeMore - Sonic Branding

Woensdag 20 April 2016 - 16u00 - Woensdag 20 April 2016 - 20u00

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Following a recent study from Neuro-Insight, music can be the reason of the success or the failure of an advertising campaign. An ad punctuated by a soundtrack tailored to it creates a positive impact on memory, especially when the lyrics are related with the message. In this case, the spot is proven to be 14% more efficient on memory mechanisms.
We wanted to discover more about it by confronting these results to some experts' reality.
During the Give Me More "Sonic Branding", you'll learn about the importance of sound and music for brands thanks to several specialists:
  • Cedric Engels from Roundhouse,
  • François Charles from Digizik,
  • Arnaud Pêtre from Brain Impact.
Join us this 20th of April at the B19 Country Club!