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It's our mission to create campaigns that matter. We believe advertising should be about people,...

Specialization :


Year of creation :

Employees :
1-10 personnes

Address :
Vlaamsekaai 76

Phone number :
+32 3 289 88 48

Description :

It's our mission to create campaigns that matter. We believe advertising should be about people, not just about brands.
Advertiser Brand, product Type of intervention Year
Barbecook 2018
BPOST Brand Activation & Promotion 2016
DreamLand 2018
GO! 2018
KBVB 2018
LEGO BELGIUM Advertising 2017
MEDIAHUIS Brand Activation & Promotion 2016
MEDIALAAN Brand Activation & Promotion 2017
Metro 2016
Mucovereniging 2017
O’tacos 2018
Q Team 2017
Santander 2018
Special Olympics 2017
STAD ANTWERPEN Advertising 2017
Western Union 2016
Sven Boelpaep

Strategic Director & Owner

Jelmer  Dam

Graphic Designer

Elise De Pauw

De Pauw
Account Executive

Mieke De Ridder

De Ridder
Jr. Account Manager

Stephanie De Smedt

De Smedt
Account Manager

Jessica Jacobs

Account Executive

Carolien Keutgens

Account Manager

Kenny Timmermans

Strategic Director & Owner

GO! l 30 YEARS [GO!]

This year GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap exists 30 years. To celebrate this we need a festive style that can be used throughout the entire schoolyear and over all communications.

To answer this briefing, we developed a very distinctive and colorful style by using… paper craft! We started with the key visual: a GO! City made out of buildings that refer to frequently used school supplies, as well as the well-known GO! Bus. Then, we gave the logo a makeover: some cheering pupils and a waving ’30 years’ flag had what it takes to make a good logo a great logo. Because this logo certainly deserved some attention, we launched a stop motion video that shows the arrival of this specially made logo. Finally, a few other short stop motion videos were created to announce the GO! Festival that will take place during spring time.

To watch the video click here


Belgian National football is in the lift! Not only the Red Devils but also the Red Flames and our national youth teams are currently doing extremely well and are massively gaining popularity. That’s why, together with RBFA we identified the need for an image campaign that would transcend the standard World/Euro Cup campaigns but that would really comprise National Football as a whole.

We created #REDTOGETHER! A claim that emphasizes the united power of our national football, now more than ever. To kick off the campaign we launched a short teaser video on Facebook and Instagram that showed how #REDTOGETHER came to exist. Viewers saw first-hand that #REDTOGETHER was created by the players themselves in the dressing room, using just a piece of fysio-tape. Why tape? Well simple… It binds, it sticks, it keeps things together… Just what we need at this moment! This teaser was immediately picked up by some of our Red Devils and went viral over night! One week later we launched the master advert! In this ad which officially launched the new image campaign, not only the Red Devils were included, but also other stakeholders that are involved into our national football: the Belgian Red Flames, the U21, the national Futsal teams, the various national youth teams, the national G-teams, the Belgian Homeless Devils and Flames and of course also the staff, fans and commercial partners. Football has the power to unite everyone and as Romelu Lukaku says at the end of the advertisement:” WE ARE #REDTOGETHER” This master advert launched on social media and on national TV. Together with the campaign we created a total rebranding for the RBFA.

To watch the video click here 


LEGO TECH has a large range of interesting toys for children of all ages. How do we communicate to parents that (playing with) these products contribute to their children’s education? At the same time, we want to make clear that one LEGO TECH toy can be used to build many different creations.

To showcase your kids could have fun, develop their 21st century skills AND help with housekeeping, we developed a campaign featuring some of LEGO’s TECH products. We created an online video in which we introduce LEGO TECH lifehacks: simple tricks made possible by the children’s imagination, together with LEGO’s technology. The video shows the modern family life where children help with household chores by using LEGO TECH toys in various clever ways. It demonstrates what is possible if children use their imagination and ‘play outside the box’. The video was shared via retailers and social media in Belgium and The Netherlands.

To watch the video click here


The Belgian Mucovereniging (Cystic Fibrosis Association) needed some awareness during the European Cystic Fibrosis week (mucoweek).

Can you imagine a life in which you have to live with half your lung capacity? Or even less? This is what people who suffer from cystic fibrosis have to go through each and every day. To create awareness and raise funding we created the campaign “Buiten Adem / À Bout de Souffle” (Out of Breath). Because that’s what’s happening… These patients are slowly but surely getting “out of breath” … Literally. Thanks to this campaign people saw, first hand, that even the simplest of things… like blowing up a balloon, are impossible. Everything was posted on buitenadem.be and aboutdesouffle.be!

Mucovereniging l De laatste 30 [Mucovereniging]

The Belgian Mucovereniging (Cystic Fibrosis Association) wanted to create awareness during the European Cystic Fibrosis week (mucoweek). Secondary to that the association wanted to build a social support base and generate fundraising for this hereditary disease, which is still incurable. Awareness of the disease and fundraising is needed to boost scientific research and ensure that patients get the necessary care at an earlier stage.

As an answer to this briefing, we created the campaign "The last 30". This campaign portrays the reality of the disease in a painfully realistic way. Only when 30% of the total lung capacity remains, a patient with cystic fibrosis is eligible for a lung transplant often their very last resort. This inspired us to use “The last 30” as the guideline for this campaign.

To strengthen the impact of this campaign and to create overall awareness, we collaborated with four well-known faces. Evi Hanssen, Yanina Wickmayer, Christophe Deborsu and Sven Ornelis experienced the daily reality from a mucopatient first hand. By wearing a mask that restricts oxygen uptake, they got an impression of the impact this has on their day-to-day operations. At the end of the day, they could take off their mask and breathe normally. For mucopatients, unfortunately, this is not an option.
“The last 30” resulted in videos that were launched on Eén and Canvas during the Mucoweek, as well as on the social media (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram) from the Mucovereniging and our four campaign faces.
Our campaign was shared by influencers, appeared (multiple times) in national newspapers and we had a seat at the table at the popular talkshow Van Gils & Gasten. We reached over 10 million people with this campaign and achieved a total media value of 639.670 thousand euros.
To watch the video click here


Since 2014 O’tacos decided to develop through franchising. Since then, they have known a great success. By the end of this year, the franchise network will have 220 restaurants in France and abroad. September 2018, O’tacos decided to broaden their horizon and open their first restaurant in The Netherlands, Utrecht. Done by Friday was asked to work out a campaign to create awareness around the opening and make a connection with the target group.

The key message was to let the target audience, youngsters, understand that O’tacos is not just a normal Mexican taco. It’s a tacos ‘the French way’. That’s why Done by Friday created the concept #JustBetter. Within this concept, regular recognizable situations were pimped into over the top scenes. The result? Three spicy social videos that were distributed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In addition to this online communication bicycle seat covers were distributed in Utrecht and posters were to be admired throughout the city.

To watch the video click here 


The goal of Special Olympics Belgium is to go from approximately 15.600 athletes to 20.000 athletes in 2020. Therefore, the number of volunteers also needs to go up, more specifically from around 6.500 to 10.400!

We made a campaign that would persuade people to become a volunteer for Special Olympics Belgium. Our idea? Turn it into a gift! The best gift actually these coming holidays! We created a Bongobox to become a ‘volunteer for one day’. The campaign immediately went viral thanks to the support of many famous Belgians who shared their love for the campaign on social media and started inviting people to join them. On the International Day of the Volunteer, we handed out these volunteer boxes in the central station of Antwerp to people that were interested! To make the campaign really stand out, we created a very emotional “end of year” advert which was launched online a week after the initial launch of the campaign. The advert itself got massive response and tied the entire campaign together.

To watch the video click here



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