STIMA Congress: Hacking the code of empathy

Donderdag 1 December 2016 - 09u00 - Vrijdag 2 December 2016 - 17u00

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The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are mind-blowing … and we ain’t seen nothing yet. Watson can beat Jeopardy champions, doctors rely on computers to make diagnostics, and newspapers publish weather forecasts or reports on football games that have been written by robots. This can be frightening. Let’s face it: computers have no feelings, no conscience: if we marketers let technology guide us, the dialogs between brands and customers will be sterile and emotionless. But if we lead technology, if we use it to further develop our intimate knowledge of her needs, wishes, passion, to put it shortly, if we hack the code of empathy, then we will manage to forge more meaningful relationships with consumers. We at STIMA are convinced that this is possible, even more, that there is no other option. And that’s why we devote the two days of our annual Congress to convincing you.