Boost your Resilience at Work: Burn-out & Stress Prevention

Donderdag 12 Oktober 2017 - 14u00 - Donderdag 12 Oktober 2017 - 18u00

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Does your job provide you with enough challenges? Does it give you the right energy? Professionals in the creative industry are often driven by passion. Being passionate is an excellent thing to move mountains, but testing your limits can also diminish your resilience. In this workshop, we will focus on: How to recognise signals of lower resilience. Mapping what gives and consumes your energy. Discovering your talents and qualities. Looking for your driving force that makes you get up every day Making an action plan including 3 steps you can take to boost your resilience At the end of the workshop we will give you 10 tips and tricks to take home and use in your (professional) life. The workshop is aimed at junior and senior professionals working in the communication and creative industry, all departments included. Non-ACC members can also subscribe.