Growth Stories meetup

Donderdag 13 Juli 2017 - 19u00

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DESCRIPTION This time, we'll create a platform where you can ask all your burning questions about growth marketing to the people who run growth engines and growth teams on a daily basis! We invite founders and CMO's of succesful startups and scale ups on stage to talk about how they gained initial traction and the tools & tactics they use to generate leads & growth. Programme: • 19h : Networking & free drinks • 20.00 : Q&A with our growth panel including Lorenzo Bown Founder of StoryMe, Jorn Vanysacker, CMO of INTUO and Michel De Wachter, Co-Founder of Spott and Niels Vanden Buverie, Product Manager at Teamleader. • 21.00 : More networking, food & drinks About the panel: Lorenzo Bown is the Founder & CSO of StoryMe, a fast growing scale up in videomarketing. StoryMe has offices in Ghent, Brussels and London and they are building their international network even further. Their mission is to make videos that are as simple as hello. Lorenzo founded an NGO company while at school because he was bored, went broke and then started StoryMe. Their biggest growth channels? Their sales force! Jorn Vanysacker founded the dating app Rendeevoo in London. He failed "graciously" after 4 years, went broke and joined the INTUO team as the CMO. The online talent management platform, INTUO has a team of 20 people and wants to empower all people to have impact, be engaged at work and grow their career. Michel De Wachter is the co-founder of Spott, an app that wants to change the way of advertising and e-commerce. Together with his co-founder Jonas, he transformed an idea into a company with more than 20 FTEs developing state of the art technology. Launched in Belgium just 1 year ago, the Spott platform makes any video content interactive and shoppable. With 152.000 users, partnerships with all national broadcasters, 7 million product views per month and a total basket value of 6 million euros, the platform is ready to be launched in the rest of the world. Teamleader's Niels Vanden Buverie is responsible for defining and executing the integration strategy in the Ghent-based SaaS scale-up. He joined them early because he believed in the team and product, right before Teamleader raised its first million. As head of the internation team, he helped Teamleader enter new markets and now he runs their brand new app marketplace. He believes in a combination of SEA, social media and content marketing for growing the product in a new market. This meetup is organised and sponsored by The Growth Agency. They focus on data-driven growth and provide services such as lead generation, marketing automation and content strategy.

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