IAB Atelier “E-Reputation”: How to ensure a good online reputation

Mardi 13 Décembre 2016 - 12h30 - Mardi 13 Décembre 2016 - 18h00

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A bad review from a customer? A critical voice on social media? A negative message in the Google search results? Nowadays, all it takes is a couple of mouse-clicks to topple your carefully constructed reputation. And the consequences can be simply dramatic. Keeping a close eye on your online reputation is central to your brand startegy. IAB is proud to announce it’s first e-Reputation Atelier that will take place on 13th of December @Kattebroek. Five e-Reputation experts will give you the keys to develop and manage your e-Reputation strategy and help you through the existing monitoring tools that allow you to take timely action. Discover how to ensure a good online reputation with our top speakers!