Prague International Advertising Festival - PIAF 2017

Mardi 23 Mai 2017 - 09h00 - Mercredi 24 Mai 2017 - 23h45

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The program for the 2-day PIAF conference on May 23rd and 24th is announced. The first day is once again devoted to sports marketing. The second day focuses on the role of personalities and their influence on target groups. Heroes, icons, influencers, opinion leaders – what is the influence of those who speak for you. You will get to meet Jirka Kral and his brother Petr, who is in charge of marketing for the biggest Czech YouTuber. American influencer Brian Cox will talk about his use of Instagram for the benefit of the Czech Republic. Lavi from the cult show Vysehrad is a fictional football dimwit who is incredibly popular among teenagers. Producer Daniel Strejc will talk about the show’s marketing strategy. How to make a star out of a plumber, who is then applauded by sold out football stadiums, that’s what Elisabeth Leriche from Italian Renault will come to tell you. And do you remember all these weirdos from the Hornbach ads? Why them? Ricardo Distefano from the German Heimat will explain. And Tony Hardcastle from the UK will discuss why cooperating with celebrities might not always be a good idea. This year we have also prepared more workshops outside of the main conference program. Virtual reality and its involvement in communication, today’s animation and its proper use, or behavioral economics. And also some tips for sports managers: visual identity in the service of sports organizations and events – it all starts with a logo. Activation campaigns in sports, or how to capitalize on funds invested in partnerships with sporting events, clubs or the industry. And this one is not only for state institutions: the phenomenal results of Prague’s communication on social networks can be a guide for other cities and regions. On the world scale.